Why Black Hat SEO Bad for Websites-How Should it be Avoided

People look for relevant and easy information search while searching online, that is why Google keeps changing and updating its search algorithm. Staying away from unethical, illegal, Black Hat SEO techniques, at the same time, using the White Hat SEO techniques helps in improving the ranking and search results rating.

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Going towards advanced SEO tactics, the Black Hat SEO Technique affects the traffic and ranking of your website that is the main reason all internet marketers call it a Bad thing. In case they are being diagnosed by Google the ranking is affected badly in terms of penalty by Google.


Black Hat SEO Techniques and Ways to Avoid Them

Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid


It is one of the widely accepted Black Hat SEO technique, by this technique one can deceive the search engine. It shows different content to Google and to websites users. Ex. Your web code may show Google that the page is directing to the live cricket match and its update whereas you may be selling the cricket accessories. But it is at high risk of being detected and a penalty, such websites are penalized by hurting the ranking or even banning the site even.


Exchange of Links:

Exchange of links adversely affects the ranking. Gone are the days when this technique was considered to be fabulous. Now Google has devised an algorithm to identify and discourage it. Now the time is to develop the links naturally, not by corrupt practices or barter system.


Duplication or Copying the Content:

Copying the content or pasting from a different website is strict NO. And, it is the worst of Black Hat SEO techniques. Google keeps updating its algorithms to index and finds out the innovative content and exceptional content only.


Purchasing or Buying the Links:

The links are too important to be neglected as they contribute more than 80% to your Google ranking. Google finds out spam websites wherein the trading of web links takes place. Both the buyer and the seller are penalized by the Google Search Algorithm.


Keyword Stuffing:

This technique was a huge hit in older days. But, it is no more working due to Google’s search and ranking algorithms. Your website has to command an authority on some topic then it is relevant and useful. But using and repeating the keywords every now and then is also a bad proposition to pursue. The keywords should be used in balanced proportion and the meta tags along with them. The best practice to be adopted is to have quality content following the guidelines as laid down by the webmaster tool, and avoid the shortcuts to improve the ranking.

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