How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos?

Who does not want to get viral on YouTube views or get maximum views? It is very difficult to assess the possible and probable factors which increase the number of views. In order to go viral, one has to have a flawless title, tagging the right people and the right description of the video. At the outset of the very beginning, as they say, there is no hard and fast success mantra to be viral or successful with your video. Get more views on YouTube videos is a tedious task if you don’t follow the guidelines. 

Here are Seven Strategies that can really help in making your Video a Great Success:

How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos?


Comments and Remarks throughout the Videos

The popping up Comments or Remarks throughout the videos such as Thumbs Up or Please Subscribe. They are in technical jargon knowns as annotations and it is the best of the tactics to enhance video views. These help in providing the link from one video to the other, subscribing to the channel etc., making sure or stressing your viewers to visit and watch your other videos as well.

Providing a link to the Playlists

Many of the users or the marketers even are not aware of the playlists, the playlists are said to be an effective medium to have enhanced video views. A playlist is an order of videos or group, by making the things in an order and systematic form. The advantage with the playlists includes searching the results separately or individually.

Additionally, the playlists offer an advantage of an option for running after one another videos. Whenever the subscribers or the viewers do watch playlists they end up watching more of the videos, which ultimately helps in increasing the views of the channel.

Viewers and Subscribers

The Viewers and Subscribers are the ones which contribute to the views to videos. All the subscribers who have subscribed to your channel ultimately form your fan base and curiously wait for your new videos. The more the numbers of subscribers you have attained, means more the views in days or even hours after uploading video.

The Announcements and Bulletins

Once some subscriber base you have formed, it becomes imperative to keep communicating and updating your fans, the best way is bulletins or the announcements. YouTube invented this feature and send text messages and video links to your subscribers.

Video Responses and Rejoinders

YouTube Videos comes with another very common but useful feature wherein the viewers can post their video responses and rejoinders. It is very easy and user-friendly too and can fetch more clicks than expected.

Next to the comment box, one can easily find the option to “Create a video response”. Once clicked directs the user to the page enlisting videos. Clicking on the one, the video response can be submitted easily.

Making or Forming Community

The YouTube offers the feature to make or form a community which is quite useful and result oriented feature. By joining communities, you can spread your name around for more views and you also get endorsements from others. In short, it helps you in expanding network and shows your readiness to others for the purpose of collaborations.

Relevant, Interesting and Topical Content

In case, you are looking for more views in the very short span of time, which anyone would like to get. So, creating a relevant, interesting and topical content always helps you with this. One can plan to have remix or remake of the popular most videos. Or, review for a new movie which has been released recently. Giving the same Title as of the original work always help.

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