How to Generate Leads Through Social Media

Usually, whenever someone talks about the Social Media the common notion comes to everyone’s mind is Brand Building exercise, and no one thinks about the term sales. But, everyone want to generate leads through social media. It is evident to mention that no one buys any product or services just because of the Facebook Ad, Tweet or any other Social Media Promotion.

The social media has been proven to be more than just to bring in growth or increase business through brand building and connecting to the existing customers. If utilized aptly, the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to produce actual and tangible leads for business. The leads so developed are found to be cost-effective and generates better results:

Now the question comes: How to generate or cash in on the social media-based marketing campaigns and using it as a branding tool and customer service, and converting them into lead generation machines?

Tips to Generate Leads Through Social Media


The Interconnect Between Social Media & Lead Generation

The very basic and thumb rule is Lead generation is the key to final sales process or the way to sales. It is altogether different than selling. Lead generation works as an intelligent way to understand your customers or getting to know them:

  • Finding out the target audience and their interests
  • Positioning the products as per the sales potential and need identification.
  • The features they look for.
  • Understanding of how to convert them into the final sales.

In earlier days, it was believed that lead generation is a process of sending and distributing surveys through the mail, and collecting the data through magazines, books, and novels etc. with the invention of the Internet and its spread the perspective has been changed thoroughly about the business.

Nowadays, it has got several ways and means like content marketing, video marketing, email opt-ins marketing and other paid form of advertising campaigns, which helps in bringing the leads and finally converting them into sales. It is faster, easier and less complicated and provides the clear and candid picture or scenario.

It is quite evident and proven that the internet and social media has become part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, it is inessential to say, social media provides the perfect blend of the four P’s of marketing i.e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.


Picking the Appropriate and Correct Passage

Most of the time marketers start trying to acquire leads from the inappropriate or wrong social media site or channel. This step involves a mere understanding of your customers or profiling your customers. It is not necessary to choose Facebook as social media just because it’s having more than one billion users. But, the success depends on the product.


Creating Leads through Facebook

Facebook has become a popular and significant contributor to the generation of leads and requires paid ads usually. The Facebook ads are usually pocket-friendly with widest reach and exposure to the target audience. The Facebook paid campaigns can include Contests, creating a Custom Tab, and Treating Facebook page as Website.


Generating Leads through Twitter

Twitter is a newer trendsetter in social media platform. Most of the businesses did not have any idea about the startup tracking and getting leads from Twitter. Twitter provides more exposure to the paid ads or paid tweets on its site, such as:

  • Using the Twitter Cards
  • Tracking the numbers of brand mentions
  • Mentioning of the name of the organization or company
  • The keywords related to the certain Industry, misspellings, mentions of competitors, creating the Events etc.


Generating Leads through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the topmost B2B leads site among other social media sites. Since it’s intended for the sole purpose of professionals and networking, it’s an organic lead generation means. At the same time, it is imperative not to be too focused and concentrated blindly or without any other legitimate reasons like offering Free Sample, Combining LinkedIn & other Inbound Marketing activities With LinkedIn Publishing.

  • LinkedIn has been rapidly growing platform for B2B marketers
  • Publishing on Slide Share (LinkedIn took over the Slide Share which ultimately helped the marketers).
  • Focusing more on creating slide decks that are highly relevant to the product or services.

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